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This portfolio was created for EN 105h What is Sustainability? 

The course description is:

In this second decade of the twenty-first century, the buzzword is sustainability.  We are all aware of and concerned about sustainable energy, but what about sustainable mobility or sustainable manufacturing?  What does it mean when we talk aboutsustainable Skidmore?  Is “sustainable” as an adjective the new “green,” a marketing ploy attracting lots of attention and admiration but signifying nothing?   Or is sustainability a broader concept transcending the “triple bottom line”— environment, economics, and social justice—to point the way to survival in the new millennium?

In “What is Sustainability?” we will use the power of writing to interrogate the concept of sustainability.   We will analyze competing definitions of sustainability and attempt to develop a definition of our own; we will analyze examples of sustainability to see how they respond to the ideal of the “triple bottom line”; and we will examine centers of sustainability right on the Skidmore campus.   Readings from across the disciplines will support our Short exercises and formal paper assignments; peer critiquing will enhance your revision process to develop and refine your individual voice and writing process.


(The photo was pulled from the internet off of http://www.webs.com/frozen.htm?uname=greenisthenewblack02)


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.