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A Quick Introduction

           We initially chose to interview Suzanne Carreker-Voigt because, after visiting the Saratoga Farmers Market as a seminar, we became more interested in how farmers markets work and how they might be beneficial to the environment.  We were also interested in how this might be related to theo verall question of the seminar, "Can Literature Save the Environment?"

          Through our interview, we learned about the role of literature in her life and how her various pursuits lead her to managing the farmer's market. After learning about how the farmers market works, we discovered the potential future of what farmers markets are facing. It was interesting to learn Suzanne's opinions on how the farmers market has changed over the years and what people our age can do to help. By providing fresh and locally grown foods, farmer's markets help the environment and the surrounding community.


Gabe with our peer mentor Gabby Stern at the farmer's market


Our whole class after visiting the farmer's market

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.